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Magisk Manager – A Systemless Root Accessing App



Magisk manager is a magic mask to alter system systemless-ly.

It packs with a super powerful Universal Systemless Interface, allowing unlimited potential!
Magisk modifies boot image and add files to /data and /cache.
It touches your /system partition only if root installed in /system is detected!

• Magisk Hide:
If you want to hide the root from the applications such as Pokemon GO, Android Pay, and other banking applications then you can use this feature to cover up the root permission from the application. This feature is disabled, and if you want to turn on this option, then you can begin by reading the above guide.

• Install:
If you want to install or uninstall Magisk then you can do so with the help of the application. You don’t need to search on the internet about the way you can uninstall it on your device.

• Superuser:
If you want to Grant or Deny the permission of any application then you can do so with the help of MagiskSU. This option will work in the rooted Android device only.

• Modules:
There are different modules same as Xposed Framework you can install the modules on your device. This feature is available in the magisk manager application. We will explain you some of the best modules of the Magisk which you can install on your device.

• Downloads:
There is a download section in which you can manage all your repo.

• Magic Mount:
Magisk allows you to do anything in your system. You can do any modification, but it won’t affect your device partitions.

• Resetprop:
You can do any changes in your system prop files. You can do changes in the build.Prop files including read-only files.

These are some of the main features of the magisk. You can install the magisk on your device and do let us know more features of magisk.

Download:  Magisk Manager

For More Details: https://magiskmanager.com/

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